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Education in Personality Development
Personal development is a combination of unique characters that shape who an individual is. However, personality cannot develop without education. This is because, through education, we can assess our strengths, abilities, and weaknesses. As a result, education shapes personality and elevates it. But what is the difference between education and personality development? In this article, we take a look at what differentiates the two.

Gaining Knowledge vs. Building Character

The end goal of education, especially the formal kind, involves gaining writing and reading skills. It also includes gaining general knowledge in the first few years of school and essays club . After which individuals will know subjects they are passionate about and specialize in that. Through education, an individual can become a doctor, engineer, social worker, or follow a career field that matches with their knowledge and skills obtained in school.
On the other hand, personality development is about growth. The information learned in class, such as communication, teamwork, and many other skills, help develop an individual’s personality. The skills and knowledge grasped in school give self-confidence and awareness. It also prepares a person to face various social, personal, and environmental issues.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

While people have a right to get an education, not everyone achieves it. Financial obstacles and sickness can make an individual stop school, which makes education qualitative. On the other hand, personal development is achievable. Anyone can decide to use daily life experiences, what they see, or hear around their community to develop their personality. In this sense, personal development is quantitative.
In most cases, getting an education is compulsory, especially if you want to follow a specific career path such as medicine or engineering.
In most cases, it has to be validated. However, you don’t need a certificate to prove that your personality has developed; personal growth is a choice that an individual makes.
In education, you are either a subject expert or know the subject up to a certain level. Therefore to become an expert in a specific field, you have to go through the coursework, read it, do assignments related to that topic then take a test to prove that you have understood the material. If you pass the test, you are given a certificate or a particular grade that acts as proof of what you have achieved. In some cases, personality is associated with academic performance because if a person obtained the scores they want, then the journey leads to self-confidence and can-do attitude.
In this case, education gives intellectual growth, which is used to develop character. Education also provides opportunities, experiences, and teaches ethics. Opportunities offer experiences that teach you new things, which in turn works to shape your personality.
Healthy habits are also formed in school, which affect the character of an individual. Education also boosts thinking skills and sharpens other abilities needed day-to-day. When you showcase unique expertise, it allows people to praise your personality. Therefore to get a good personality, an individual needs to develop good traits and nourishment from education.
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